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About Open MRI Mt. Pleasant

Open MRI Mt. Pleasant was founded by a group of local physicians who saw a community need for high-definition, boreless MRI technology in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan area.

Anyone can benefit from the comfort and convenience of open MRI. In addition, some patients have special needs that require an open MRI, including:

  • Those who are claustrophobic or nervous about imaging procedures.
  • Young children, older adults or anyone who may require the presence of a loved one or caregiver during their procedure.
  • Bariatric patients who may not fit comfortably in a conventional bore machine.
  • Patients who need images of an extremity that is difficult to center in a conventional bore machine, such as a hand, wrist, shoulder or foot.

These patients previously had to travel outside our region for their images, resulting in a loss of business from our region, and interrupting the local continuity of care. Due to the high demand for open MRI, they may also have waited longer for an appointment, delaying their diagnosis and treatment.

We have designed our business and our facility to provide faster, more convenient service at a lower cost than what you would typically find in a hospital setting. We are pleased to provide this service to our community.


Open MRI Mt. Pleasant is a joint venture partnership between the following physicians and MidMichigan Health.

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Schedule An AppointmentFor help with a referral or to schedule an appointment, call (989) 953-OPEN or toll free (855) 777-OPEN.