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Open MRI Mt. Pleasant

You don't have to sacrifice your comfort to get the highest MRI image quality. Choose the new totally Open MRI instead of the old tube routine.


  • Lie on an open table, not crammed inside a tube
  • No awkward body positioning
  • Accommodates all body shapes and sizes
  • Special headphones with your choice of music to dampen loud sounds
  • Open enough to hold your support person's hand during the procedure


  • Non-hospital setting is less stressful and provides easy in-and-out
  • Images read by on-site, board-certified radiologists
  • Reports and images sent electronically to your doctor within days of your appointment

Less Costly

  • No hidden fees, no hospital charges
  • You get only one bill
  • Participates with most insurance plans

Super Hi-Definition

  • High definition images provide more information for an accurate diagnosis
  • Open configuration allows the body part of interest to be centered in the magnetic field for a sharper image

Ask your doctor for a referral to Open MRI in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. For help with a referral or to schedule an appointment, call (989) 953-OPEN or toll free, (855) 777-OPEN.

Video: Benefits of Open MRI

Open MRI provides a more comfortable, less claustrophobic experience for patients who need magnetic resonance imaging. TV 9&10's Michelle Dunaway interviews Radiologist John Buiteweg, M.D. on the benefits of Open MRI.

Video copyright Heritage Broadcasting Group. Used by permission from TV 9&10.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule An AppointmentFor help with a referral or to schedule an appointment, call (989) 953-OPEN or toll free (855) 777-OPEN.